Can You Buy Viagra Without a Prescription?

Can You Buy Viagra Without a Prescription? Erectile dysfunction (ED) is an increasingly common issue for men worldwide. According to a study by John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, in the US alone, more than 18 million men over the age of 20 experience it to some degree. With this in mind, it isn't surprising that more and more men are turning to medications like Viagra (sildenafil). But this little blue pill doesn't come cheap. Many websites sell it for less, claiming as well that you can purchase it without a prescription. So, can you buy Viagra without a prescription? Keep reading below for some answers. Can You Buy Viagra Without a Prescription? For anyone experiencing ED symptoms, it can be a little intimidating to acknowledge. For this reason, it might also take a while to see a doctor right away. As such, can you buy Viagra without a prescription? The short answer to this question is no. Viagra is a prescription medication only and isn't legally available as an over-the-counter (OTC) medication. For this reason, any website that claims that you can purchase it without one should automatically raise a red flag. While Viagra is a relatively safe drug, it isn't available over-the-counter for a reason. According to AccessRx, it's a powerful drug, and, so far, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) hasn't determined if the drug's safety profile makes it a good candidate for an OTC medication just yet. While it may be tempting and possibly more convenient to purchase Viagra without a prescription on certain websites, it isn't advisable. A study presented at the World Meeting on Sexual Medicine found that 77% of all Viagra purchased online from 22 websites was fake. Aside from being ineffective, consuming fake Viagra can be life-threatening. This is because it can contain toxins from heavy metals and other unknown materials. That said, there are ways to ways to ensure you're getting the real deal when making a purchase online. Take a look at these 3 tips to safely buy Viagra online. How to Get a Viagra Prescription If you're wondering how to get a Viagra prescription, know that it isn't complicated It all starts with talking to your doctor about your symptoms and medical history. If you're not sure how to prepare for your appointment, here are some good questions to ask: Could another medical condition be causing my ED? If this is treated, will that also treat the ED? What lifestyle factors could be affecting my ED? Are there any changes that I can make? What could be the likely cause of my ED? Will I require any testing? How do I get diagnosed? Is it necessary to see a specialist? Are there any medications I'm currently taking that could be resulting in ED? Be sure to also disclose how frequently you experience symptoms, as well as what medications you're currently taking. Your doctor will also likely discuss your lifestyle habits such as your diet and how frequently you exercise Note that Viagra might not be suitable for everyone. So, in the event that your doctor cannot give you a prescription for it, do talk to him or her about alternative options. Other popular and effective ED medications include Cialis and Levitra. These drugs use tadalafil and vardenafil as the active ingredients respectively. How to Save on Viagra A prescription for Viagra can get very expensive, especially if you aren't covered by insurance. As outlined in an article in the New York Post, a single 100mg pill can cost around $40. According to, the average price of four 100mg pills costs between $246.62 and $269.61. One of the reasons why the cost for this drug is so high is because a generic version is currently unavailable in the United States. However, it has been legally available in Canada since 2012. Certified Canadian International Pharmacy Affordable Canadian Pharmacy Online With this in mind, Viagra in Canada is significantly more affordable. On Canada Pharmacy, eight 100mg generic Viagra tablets are available for $66.00. If you're looking for brand name Viagra, the same is available for $130.00. So, if you want to cut the cost, skip the local pharmacy and buy Viagra on our website instead. Note that you will require a prescription for both the generic and brand name versions in order to purchase it. If you're uncertain about shopping online, read our article What are the Benefits When you Buy Prescription Drugs Online? to get a better idea of the process. Final Word If you suspect you might have ED, be sure to talk to your doctor. There could be a number of reasons why you could be experiencing those symptoms-some of which could be indicative of other health issues.
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